Battle River Local #32 Induction Ceremony Dec 4th, 2018


Inductees are (photo#1 right to left): Reagan Miller, Melisa Marusak, Madison Nickel, Krista Schulmeister, Christine Hauck, Adam Johnson, Justine Mowat, Landon Lewsaw, Kelsie Armitage, Karina Gutmann, Jessica Ng, Reagan Josephison. ATA Battle River Local President - Karin Paterson reads "The Pledge" to inductees.


In addition to the inductees pictured here are (centre back) Central East District Representative Elaine Willette-Larsen, ATA President Greg Jeffery, and ATA Battle River Local President - Karin Paterson.


Inductee Madison Nickel receives his gift from ATA President Greg Jeffery.


ATA Battle River Local #32 Executive - supporting public education!


Bawlf adminstration (Mark Chanasyk - Assistant Principal and Shane Gau - Principal (right side)) take a great picture with new Bawlf teacher and inductee (Melisa Marusak).